Clinical Trials

Halo Health is enabling patient-centric trials to reduce patient and site burden. Our Smart Clinical Trials product provides Remote Patient Monitoring, Patient Engagement, and Workflow Automation. Our product reduces cost and accelerates the drug development process for pharma & biotech companies.

Enabling next
generation of smart clinical trials

Pharmaceutical companies spend significant R&D budget on drug discovery. Clinical trials are designed and executed to show the clinical safety and efficacy of these drugs. The complexity and cost of conducting trials have been increasing steadily. This is inducing economic risk to the process of drug discovery which requires a new offering for Pharma and Clinical Research Organizations (CRO).

Halo Health is enabling creation of next generation clinical trials to reduce costs, provide greater operational efficiency and create higher levels of patient engagement.


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Case Study

View our Decentralized Hypertension Case Study

Case Study

View our Endocrinology Case Study


Reduced Time to Market
Higher Patient Satisfaction
Lower Cost for Trials
Integrated Patient Safety Monitoring
Risk-Based Monitoring

Our patient engagement model can allow patients to